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Vegan Friendly Registered Dietitians

Here is a list of vegan dietitians available for paid Skype consultation meetings, including their area of specialties.

*Note, the consultations are not part of the challenge 22+ program or Anonymous for Animal Rights.

Vegan, and vegan-friendly dietitians who are interested in being included in our list please fill out this form.

Registered dietitians who volunteer in Challenge 22+ project

Nataly Shemesh Registered vegan Dietitian

Nataly Shemesh

+972-52-3875053 | [email protected]

A vegan registered dietitian. Specializes in plant-based diets throughout the life cycle – from infants to elderly including pregnant and lactating women; weight loss ; sports nutrition ; treatment of various health problems such as gastrointestinal diseases, disorders and surgeries (e.g. IBS, IBD, coeliac, reflux), bariatric surgeries, metabolic and hormonal syndromes and disorders (e.g. metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome and hypothyroidism), nutritional deficiencies.

Einat Cohen Registered vegan Dietitian

Einat Cohen

+972-52-3445635 | [email protected]

A vegan registered dietitian, Specializing in vegan nutrition, bariatric patients, diabetes, hyper-cholesterol, hypertension and weight loss

Tzori Brinker Registered vegan Dietitian

Tzori Brickner

+972-50-6489710 | [email protected]

A vegan friendly Dietitian, experienced in the fields of ASD, emotional eating and obesity.

Maayan ben nun

Maayan Meck Ben Nun

+972-52-5235357 | [email protected]

A vegan registered dietitian, Master degree in nutrition. I`ll be happy to help you customize the best vegan diet for you, taking under consideration your health status and your Preferences

Anna Herby Registered vegan Dietitian

Anna Herby

+1-540-494-2293 | [email protected]

I'm a plant-based dietitian specializing in reversing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. I also have experience with plant-based diets for long-distance and endurance activities. I'm excited to work with more vegans and veg-curious clients.

vegan dietitian Yvonne O Halloran

Yvonne O Halloran | [email protected]

I am a vegan registered Dietitian who specializes in plant based nutrition, the treatment and reversal of chronic disease ( obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol) and in pregnancy and post natal nutrition (including breastfeeding). I would love to work with vegans and those interested in learning more/transitioning into veganism.

Kimaya Joshi vegan dietitian

Kimaya Joshi | [email protected]

A vegan registered dietitian specializing in cardiopulmonary conditions, diabetes management, and geriatrics.

More Vegan friendly dietitians

Taylor Wolfram

Taylor uses a non-diet approach to health and wellness and provides virtual lifestyle coaching to help clients prioritize self-care, ditch dieting and make peace with food and their bodies. She guides clients through the principles of Intuitive Eating, uses a Health At Every Size Approach, and supports individuals in recovery from eating disorders and disordered eating. As a vegan for nearly a decade, we also offers evidence-based advice on vegan and vegetarian nutrition.

Susan Macfarlane

+1-613-727-5755 | [email protected]

Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who believes that healthy eating means choosing foods that both nourish the body and satisfy the palate. She is passionate about helping people reach their health and wellness goals by supporting the creation of new habits and skills that lead to a way of eating that is healthful, enjoyable, and sustainable. Her areas of expertise include: Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition; Weight Management; Eating Disorders; Chronic Disease Management; Gastrointestinal Health; Sports Nutrition

Rebecca Phillips

+61-40-4094658 | [email protected]

Rebecca provides Dietitian consults on plant-based nutrition for people of all ages. Using evidence-based practice and a client centred approach, Rebecca can assist you to meet your nutrition goals. Services are available for transitioning to a vegan diet, general nutrition assessment, managing or preventing various medical conditions, pregnancy nutrition, and raising vegan children. Consults are conducted online via Skype across all parts of Australia. Rebecca is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and herself follows a vegan diet.

Raymond Setiadi | [email protected]

Raymond Setiadi, APD is an Accredited Practising Dietitian Nutritionist who believes that healthy eating is when we eat plant based food that nourish the body, fights against animal cruelty and improves our environmental ecosystem. I am most passionate about fat loss, transforming into confident and strong individuals to have the option to wear their favourite fashion items. I also specialise in diabetes and heart disease, to help improve cholesterol and glucose levels, and to safely reduce the amount of needles and medications needed for the conditions.