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Challenge 22+ is looking for you!

If you’ve been a vegan for over six months, have patience and empathy for new vegans and the motivation to help make the vegan population grow, you’re exactly what we’re looking for! 🙂

Our Challenges take place within Facebook groups, and we ask our Challenge mentors to be present in the group on a daily basis. Our goal is around 10 comments or an hour a day (can be dispersed throughout the day).

After your application is received (it might take a few weeks if we receive many applications) you will be contacted by a coordinator and you will start our training program, the Challenge 22+ mentor school. Please check your 'Message Requests' folder routinely.

Once you’ve been placed in our training program, you will learn about Challenge22+ and receive all the guidance needed in order to help our Challenge participants 😀 The training must be completed in order to join our mentors team.

Volunteer for the Challenge!

Challenge 22 - Volunteer

You can do so by going to your profile, copying the link and pasting it here (it will help us find you)

Try to be specific - for example, say "Toronto Vegans group" rather than "Facebook"

Mentors are expected to maintain a positive and accepting atmosphere. Is this acceptable to you?
Challenge 22+ is a part of Anonymous for Animal Rights, an animal rights organization based in Israel. Volunteering includes interactions with people from different backgrounds and cultures; cultural or political attacks are not permitted. Is this acceptable to you?
Challenge22+ Mentors undergo training in order to mentor within our Challenges. The training made available is required before you may be made part of a new challenge. Do you accept training and feedback on your training?
Challenge 22+ is a hierarchical program, meaning that you are expected to adhere to the rules of the Challenge and implement the occasional feedback from the Challenge's admins. Is this acceptable to you?
Each Challenge round lasts for about a month. New Challenges open regularly, so our mentors continue from round to round. Are you available to mentor long-term?

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If someone were to ask your advice on how they can resist the temptation to eat a non-vegan food they like, how would you respond to them?
How would you reply to this participants' post: "So I had my first “why are you going vegan” conversation. I was amazed at the argumentative reaction I got and surprising lack of support for my decision. It makes me hesitant to want to bring it up again, even if asked."
In order to be considered, please send a PM to our mentor coordinator and let them know when you are available to start. A link to their profile will be given after you send the form. 
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A few words from our mentors:

dalia vegan

Having taken Challenge 22+ as a mentee back in 2015, I realized how important it is to have a support network when transitioning into a new lifestyle. I have been mentoring since the end of 2016, and it is very rewarding to spread the vegan message among eager participants. The best part is that there is no judgement, only a very supportive and empathic community.

Dalia, Switzerland

"I have had the joy of meeting people who are in a prime time of transformation. The feeling you get when you’re able to help someone through a tough situation, or shed new light on something they didn’t know, is unreal. Making those connections and seeing them grow, is like winning the lottery. It’s pretty awesome to be a part of this amazing movement!"

Astrid, USA


"Mentoring at Challenge 22+ has helped me to grow as a person and trained me to interact with a diversity of motivations and convictions in a respectful, patient and supportive manner. Volunteering at Challenge 22+ isn't only an opportunity to help others, it's also a chance to improve, to learn how to help solving problems, to manage projects and most importantly: to meet a whole bunch of interesting, kind people!"

Thomas, Belgium

"I mentor with challenge22+ because I absolutely love helping people. I love how people are coming to veganism for one or more of the three reasons, animals, environment or health and I'm so happy that Challenge22+ gives people the chance to try veganism in a friendly and safe environment."

Jess, England